Literal Standard Version Bible

A Literal Translation For The New Millennium

2 billion of the world's over 8 billion inhabitants speak English1
143 out of 162 English Bible translations are in contemporary English
61% of American Bible readers prefer word-for-word translation2
55% of American Bible readers use the 400-year old KJV
Only 24% of Americans believe the Bible is the literal word of God3
Only 12 out of 162 complete English translations are literal
0 translations are strictly literal and in modern English—until now

A modern, literal, word-for-word (formal equivalence) English translation of the Holy Scriptures.

Elegant and Easy to Read

Significant improvement over previous literal translations, including Robert Young's excellent Young's Literal Translation.

Accurate Translation

Preservation of verb tenses and consistent use of words wherever possible. The most literal English translation of The Holy Bible.

God's Word Like You've Never Experienced Before

The LSV Bible has many unique features that set it apart from the rest. Here are just a few:
  • Tetragrammaton

    The LSV accurately transliterates the proper Name of God ("YHWH"), without assuming a subjective pronunciation.

  • Justified Alignment

    Justified typographic alignment throughout, consistent with the style of the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek autographs.

  • Caesura Mark

    The ancient caesura mark is used for easy readability of poetic literature such as the psalms, prophets, and wisdom books.

  • Glory Given To God

    Capitalized pronouns and other nounal forms are used for God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Christophanies.









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    Passing The Baton

    From one generation to the next, the ancient words of God have been faithfully preserved and translated.

    Credited with the Latin Vulgate, Jerome was perhaps the first whose work became a complete Bible translation. He was also the first to translate the Hebrew Tanakh into Latin.

    Saint Jerome

    Erasmus sought to compile a Greek translation-base of the New Testament. His work, the Textus Receptus, has become the most widely used New Testament source in English-language Bibles.

    Desiderius Erasmus

    The Archbishop of Canterbury, Richard Bancroft, was the chief overseer of the 47 scholars who produced the King James Bible, which is undoubtedly the most influential book in the English language.

    Richard Bancroft


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